Holistic Journey to Recovery Group Psychotherapy for Women

Holistic group psychotherapy for women with a special twist of art therapy and yoga practice!!!

The combination of art therapy, trauma-focused talk therapy, and yoga practice provides a unique, effective healing context to women on their journey toward healing from psychological trauma, PTSD, and related emotional issues, including anxiety, anger, and depression. The support of others has been identified as a significant protective factor in reducing trauma symptoms and feelings of shame and guilt often experienced by trauma victims.

Psychological trauma including childhood adverse experiences (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence, abandonment, and neglect) as well as abuse, domestic violence, and loss in adulthood is an INJURY not a disorder, therefore, IT CAN BE HEALED.

If you are experiencing any of the following, this group is for you:

  • hyperarousal

  • avoidance

  • dissociation

  • nightmares, sleep problems

  • intrusive memories

  • learning and psycho-social challenges

  • relationship and social difficulties

  • anxiety, depression, anger


This trauma-informed group is 8 weeks long with a focus on emotion regulation, cognitive functioning, interpersonal relationships, social isolation and withdrawal, coping skills and thinking patterns, risk-taking, self-regulation and self-control, guilt, shame, and hopelessness, grief, and other relevant topics.


ART therapy: 
Art expression is helpful in learning to self-regulate and control the body’s reactions to traumatic experiences, setting the stage for eventual trauma assimilation and recovery.


YOGA practice: 

Yoga is presented as a mind-body-based approach to building resilience and self-regulation with consideration for trauma-informed methods in counseling. 


TRAUMA-FOCUSED psychotherapy:


This specific approach to therapy recognizes the impact of traumatic experience on the individual’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The purpose of this approach is to provide the clients with skills and strategies to gain insight into their functioning, assist them in coping and processing their emotions and memories regarding trauma, and guiding them toward creating a healthier and happier life. 


When: TBD


Where: Taylor Center of Participatory Arts, 3825 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30340.


Cost: $40/session or $300 for the set of all 8 sessions + purchase your own art supplies (a list of basic supplies will be sent out before the first session)


How to Join: Please contact Denisa at info@denisamillette.com or call 770 807 4239.

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