• Denisa Millette

Simple, Natural Strategies to Manage ADHD Symptoms

Are you or your child struggling with the symptoms of an attention disorder?

Below are some of my favorite natural strategies to ease the symptoms and enhance optimal emotional and cognitive functioning.

1. Get a proper diagnosis: I highly recommend to undergo a full psychological assessment to be correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly.

2. Get Some Quality ZZZZ’s: You must focus on getting good sleep on a regular basis. Getting enough quality sleep at the right time can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. The damage from sleep deficiency can occur in an instant or it can harm you over time. Ongoing sleep deficiency affects how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. Studies show that a good night’s sleep improves learning and problem-solving skills. Sleep also helps you pay attention, make decisions, and be creative. If you’re sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, focusing, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change. Sleep deficiency has been linked to attention disorder, depression, suicide, and risk-taking behavior.

3. Diet: Consult a nutritionist or a functional medicine doctor to figure out a specific anti-inflammatory diet to reduce inflammation in the body and brain to allow it to function at its full potential. If you struggle with lack of focus and impulsivity, foods to avoid are:

GMO foods,

Processed Foods,



High Fructose

Soy Products

Tap Water

Include Magnesium and Vitamin B rich foods found it dark green leafy veggies, grass-fed dairy, raw cacao and pumpkin seeds. For more specific ideas, I highly recommend Dr.Jocker’s Supercharged Energy diet. Also, talk to your functional medicine doctor about testing to identify and eliminate major food insensitivity.

4. Supplement with Omega 3’s: Omega 3 fatty acids may be the most important supplement for individuals with ADHD and learning disorders. Try to eat foods like grass-fed meat, grass-fed butter, wild-caught fish and spirulina which are all rich in high quality omega 3’s.

5. Connect with Nature and Get Some D: Go outside everyday to take a long walk and do lots of deep breathing. You may be surprised to see huge improvements in focus, concentration, learning and mood. Boost your vitamin D3 levels by getting more whole body sun exposure.

6. Get Your Move On: Find that move that challenges your body and that you enjoy, whether it is jogging, yoga, biking, or dancing.

7. Chiropractic Care: Find a great chiropractor in your area for a complete spine and nervous system evaluation and follow the recommended treatment protocols.

8. Gut Health: You must focus on your gut! As an added bonus to your improved focus and concentration, you will experience better immunity, efficient digestion, clear skin, better clarity, energy, and balance.

9. Essential Oils: Please know that it is crucial for you to choose only high-quality, pure, and 100% therapeutic oils. There are many brands out there to choose from. If you would like to know the brand I personally use and recommend, please email me. So let’s look at some of these beneficial oils to help you improve concentration and focus: Roman Chamomile: soothes and comforts 

Lavender: calms and reduces anxiety 

Mandarin: quiets, especially when combined with lavender 

Ylang ylang: sedates and calms the emotions 

Vetiver: calms, focuses the mind 

Patchouli: soothes the nervous system

My favorite oil blend is a proprietary blend of Amyris, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to support efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. This blend helps to enhance and sustain a sense of focus.

Essential oils are not a cure, however, they appear to enhance focus in children with ADHD and attention issues. They can be used to calm your child and may help to improve concentration.

There are numerous other natural strategies unique to children and adults. For further information and practical help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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