• Denisa Millette

The Journey

Updated: Sep 1

The Journey is an 8-week long online trauma healing and recovery group psychotherapy for women with a history of traumatic or other adverse life experiences that are holding them back from achieving success in family, professional, social, and emotional aspects of their lives. It consists of a unique combination of well-established practices of neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused psychotherapy, and trauma-focused art therapy. The participants will also be encouraged in practicing healing body and mind practices, including yoga and Qi-gong exercises, and forming healthy habits of sleep and nutrition.

This unique combination will provide an effective healing context to women on their journey toward healing from psychological trauma, PTSD, and related emotional issues, including anxiety, anger, and depression. The support of others has been identified as a significant protective factor in reducing trauma symptoms and feelings of shame and guilt often experienced by trauma victims.

Psychological trauma including childhood adverse experiences (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence, abandonment, and neglect) as well as abuse, domestic violence, and loss in adulthood is an INJURY, not a disorder, therefore, IT CAN BE HEALED.

If you are experiencing any of the following as a result of psychological trauma, this group is for you:

  • hyper-arousal

  • avoidance

  • dissociation

  • nightmares, sleep problems

  • intrusive memories

  • learning and psycho-social challenges

  • relationship and social difficulties

  • anxiety, depression, anger

The sessions will be specifically focused on emotion regulation, cognitive functioning, interpersonal relationships, social isolation and withdrawal, coping skills and thinking patterns, risk-taking, self-regulation and self-control, guilt, shame, and hopelessness, grief, and other relevant topics.


When: Every Thursday 6:00 to 7:30 pm, Starting September 17th

Where: Telehealth Online Platform (the link will be provided)

Cost: $40/session/week or $300 if paid in full

Participants: Maximum 10 participants per group

Group Facilitator: Denisa Millette, MA, LPC, CCTP

Registration: Once you express your interest, you will receive an intake questionnaire to register for the group. We will then set up a 15 min brief one on one session for me to meet you prior to the starting of the group. The registration fee is $25.

To register or to learn more, please send an email at info@denisamillette.com or call 770 807 4239.

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